Chicken and Israeli Couscous with Tomatoes and Lemon

  One-pot dishes are excellent alternatives for weeknight meals.  You can do prepping before you head out in the morning and assemble when you get home later in the day.  I’m a big fan of Israeli Cous Cous and found this recipe in a Martha Stewart Living Magazine about 7 years ago, which I have adapted […]


Pernil de Cerdo (Pork Ham)

    Pernil is the most popular meat served during the holiday season in Puerto Rico.  It is usually the picnic cut, or front ham of the pork, but if you can’t find it you may use a rear ham with skin.  It can be cooked “al caldero” (stovetop), en “caja china” or roasted in the […]


My visit to Quesos Vaca Negra

  I rarely use this platform as an advertising venue and, so far, I have never received payment for any of my blog posts in  It has been my custom to only write about places, products, recipes and experiences that resonate with me as a home cook, consumer or patron.  I don’t pretend or aspire to be a food/restaurant […]


Easy Pistachio Cake

Baking purists are going to go after me for this one, but sometimes in life you need to take shortcuts. I have always been the kind of person that takes pride on making things from scratch. From designing and sewing a formal dress for a wedding (which I have sworn I will never do again), to scrapbooking (crafts), […]


Bucatini Bolognese della Mamma

  We’ve all been there! Trying to say a compliment to someone and ending up being disrespectful or insulting. This time it was my dear brother who put his foot in his mouth and told my sister in law, that the way she prepared bistec encebollado was very good but… it didn’t taste like the […]


Hollandaise Sauce

  The first day I met my brother-in-law Mandy, he effortlessly whipped a perfect Hollandaise Sauce to pour over blanched bright green asparagus as a side dish.  I don’t remember if Filet Mignon was also served, but I vividly remember the asparagus with Hollandaise! Sauce Bearnaise, a derivative sauce of Hollandaise, had been close to my […]


Gorgonzola-Cognac-Candied Pecan Steak Sauce

  “Will you give cooking lessons anytime soon?” people often ask.  I concede I enjoy the whole process of creating in the kitchen, entertaining dinner guests, talking about ingredients and sharing my passion about cooking at HOME.  Offering hands-on cooking classes and/or demos is something I have given serious consideration and I definitely see myself […]


Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Oftentimes, people ask me to post recipes that are simple to make during week nights.  These Asian Lettuce Wraps are one of my favorites!  They’re not only easy to make, but also low carb, light and refreshing. You may prep and measure all the ingredients beforehand and cook when ready to eat. In efforts to […]


Tumbet Mallorquín

Many of us who live in the Americas have a background rooted in Europe, Africa, Asia and/or the Middle East.  We might even have a mix of two or more of those origins embedded in our DNA. However, I dare say we are not only defined by how we look, but we are greatly influenced by […]

TFL clothes pin

My dinner at The French Laundry

  Although I have been active on my Foodielady Facebook Page, it’s been over 6 months since I don’t post on this platform. Life has been… complicated. However, I have some recipes lined up to publish in the near future, but first, to commemorate the upcoming 20th anniversary of The French Laundry under Chef Thomas […]

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