Brown Butter and Sage Cream Sauce


It has been over a month since I’ve posted a new recipe, but I took a little vacation from the blogosphere, first because my camera broke and then because I was enjoying the company of my children during school break and they adamantly scold me if I’m at the computer while they’re at home. Reality check! They want to have my undivided attention during vacation. Absolutely right!

Technology has become a blessing and a curse in my life, giving me more flexibility to work from home, to be in touch with friends and family who live far away (or not so far away) and with easy access to global current events, content, creativity, ideas, literature and products (thank you!) which otherwise I wouldn’t have had access to, among other things. On the down side, technology is limiting my memory capacity (I admit I don’t know my youngest brother’s mobile phone number by heart), my social contact (I mean personal, not only by email and text) and being “connected” 24 /7, has had an emotional and physical toll on me giving me constant worry and preoccupation when, for example, at 10pm while I’m away on vacation I read an email about a problem that has come up with a client.

I remember the time, not so long ago, when I checked my emails once a week, then it progressed to once a day.  Now its once a minute on my phone! Instant text messages are awesome ways to share joy, inquire about something or simply LOL about a joke.  However, instant messaging has raised the demands and expectations of people and their desire for a prompt response no matter how unreasonable the time of day it is.  Sometimes I don’t respond fast enough because I’m driving or at a meeting and people get really pissed-off and impatient. The other day I got a real estate visit request at 1:15 am in mid week through a text message which woke me up.  My only option has been to leave my phone outside my bedroom or turn it silent until morning.  I seldom sleep the whole night through, so I have to increase my chances to rest a little by avoiding sleep interruptions like these.

My father, a successful businessman and intellectual, refuses to let us include in his cel phone package a data plan because he fervently believes texting is a waste of time and no way to communicate with people. I think he is exaggerating but sometimes so do I, since according to my assistant, I am the queen of texting.  I happen to disagree with her, for I know many persons who can out-do me by far!

In conclusion, embrace technology but establish “hard limits”,  to quote a term used by a literary phenomenon (those of you who read it know what I’m talking about) JA! But seriously, we have to use our common sense when it comes to technology and teach our children about the  benefits as well as the perils being electronically “connected” entails.  Also, how addictive and alienating it can be to both young and old, if you are not careful.  Meanwhile, it’s simple… live, laugh, love and learn without hurting anybody.  Maybe, I’ll even dare to take a technology detox and disconnect one day a week…

So, here are some of my personal guidelines for texting (I try to do my best in sticking to them):

1.  Should be done during a reasonable time of day.

2.  Should include content that you wouldn’t be embarrassed if your spouse, parent, children, friend or boss reads it.  You never know who is going to read your instant message and remember text messages don’t have a tone of voice, so they can be easily misunderstood. Make it clear wether you are making a question or statement and beware if you have horrendous typos because your message could be distorted .

3.  Should give the receiver reasonable time to reply.  Be mindful some people are compulsive responders, others more laid back and others just don’t care to take the time to respond or simply forget.  Still, give people second and third chances when it comes to this.  Technology is not infallible.

Now, how does this topic tie in with this recipe, I really don’t know… I just felt like touching the subject through this blog post.  Blogging is another technological feature that I adore and enjoy as a way to share my interests, musings and love of food.

So, here is some information about the recipe’s main ingredient: Sage.

Common Sage or Salvia officinalis is an herb from the mint family. Its leaves have little hairs or trichomes that help reduce water loss in some plants. Sage is not an herb or condiment commonly used in Puerto Rican cooking although it would be a great addition for it is said it helps in digestion, especially with fatty foods.  Common Sage is highly aromatic, flavorful and best used when fresh. It goes well with squash, chicken, asparagus, pork roast, herbed butter, pasta, veal, fish and eggplant. Make a grilled cheese with a sage leaf in the middle or some Veal Saltimbocca!  Delicious!!!!  I simply love its peculiar earthy taste and aroma.  It has become my newest addiction!!!

Brown Butter and Sage Cream Sauce


4 tbsp butter

8 fresh sage leaves, coarsely chopped

1 garlic clove, minced

1/4 cup heavy cream

1/4 cup of vegetable or chicken broth

1/2 tsp salt

pepper to taste


1.  In a medium size skillet melt butter over moderate heat until it starts to brown a little. Add sage leaves and minced garlic clove and sauté for a couple of minutes.

2.  Add heavy cream, chicken broth, salt and pepper.  Stir occasionally until you have reached desired creamy consistency.  Serve with filled pasta (I personally love squash), fettucini , veal or pork.

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  1. caly says:

    Your comments about texting and technology are so. I made the recipe and it was delicious. Thank you

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