Hispanic Heritage Month

Today starts Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15-Oct 15), in which the important contributions of the Hispanics in the United States are recognized. Celebrating this tradition started in 1968 and became a law in 1988.  This period of the year was chosen because Mexico, Chile, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, all celebrate their independence during this month. As part of this commemoration, Foodielady has been asked by Yahoo! en Español to write a series of exclusive posts about food in Latinamerica, to be published at their site during these 30 days. I encourage you to visit the site which will be filled with interesting and valuable information saluting Hispanic Heritage and Culture.

The long and significant presence of Hispanics in US history is evident in the architecture of important landmarks in Florida, Maryland, California, New Mexico, Texas and Lousiana among others. In fact, in my last visit to New Orleans I was surprised to see how most of the remaining architecture in the French Quarter is actually from the Spanish period.

I advise you that during this month you will be getting some post in Spanish with some repeated recipes for the benefit of our new readers in Yahoo! en Español.  If you wish to translate them there are tools in the internet and search engines that do so pretty accurately. In addition, I will keep on posting recipes in Foodielady like I always do.

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