Earth Day 2010

I don’t know why it feels so good to get your hands dirty with soil and plant herbs in your home.  It can be done in apartments or houses and there is no doubt that dishes prepared with fresh herbs are more aromatic, colorful and savory.  I have had success stories as well as disasters with my gardening, but I keep going at it.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have a fresh herb garden.  It was not very pretty, rather a bit wild, so last Monday I worked on it with my daughter to make it look appealing and more organized .   We transplanted the rosemary and oregano to pots and sowed new seeds for sweet basil, cilantro and italian parsley.   I have not been very lucky with my sweet basil, but have high hopes this time around.  I must tell you it is not an organic garden yet, but I am working on getting organic top soil and making compost in the near future when I start a bedding for my vegetable garden.

I was looking for a cool way to lable my herb garden when, tadah!!! Martha Stewart “personally” sent me an email with a great idea!  Ja, ja!!  So I went with the kids to my backyard and started looking for rocks approximately the size of the palm of their hands. We found really beautiful quarz-like smooth rocks that problably I had thrown away from a nice flower centerpiece I got as a present or something like that, because they where very different from the rest of the rocks in my backyard. Anyway, they were lovely,  so I took out a blue Sharpie and started to lable my herb garden. Turned out so nice and really pretty! Tomorrow Cristina and I will soil our hands to teach the girls in our Girl Scout Troop to pot and care for cherry tomatoes. By doing this, we will try to plant a seed in the hearts and minds of the next generation to love and care for our Planet and all living things.

Have a nice Earth Day!

Meet Rosemary. Ja! You can see Culantro (recao) in the back on the ground starting to spread its seeds.

Recao- Culantro

Sweet Basil starting to grow
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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Asela says:

    Voy a tener que pedirte prestado a tus niños para que me enseñen a hacer un huerto de hierbas casero, jajaja. No tienes idea las veces que he tratado y nada, me duran un tiempito, meses y luego nada que ver. Tuve una vez una hermosa mata de albahaca y una señora muy ignorante de hierbas me dijo que la había mandado a sacar a los jardineros porque “habían dejado ese hierbajo crecer tanto…” ¿Qué crees de eso?
    Me dijo mi hija Laura te vio en casa de Mari Sofi el otro día, que bueno. Cariños.

    1. foodielady says:

      asela: esta buena tu historia. ja! a ver si a mi se me da la mata de albahaca que no he tenido suerte. i’ll keep you posted.

  2. bruny says:

    me encanta el labeling system! nosotros no hemos tenido suerte con el herb garden: vivimos en la playa y el salitre y el viento (piso 14) no ayudan. pero buena suerte con el tuyo. tremenda idea para celebrar un dia como hoy.

    1. foodielady says:

      bruny gracias por tus comentarios. es cierto que el salitre no ayuda! la próxima vez que me entregues quesos te llevas de casa.

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